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Food Waste – A Better Use

More businesses and institutions in Ramsey and Washington Counties are separating their food waste instead of tossing it in the garbage. And there’s good reason to do so. Food waste is the largest component of our trash bin, especially for restaurants, cafeterias and food manufactures. Tossed into the trash, rotting food produces methane, a harmful greenhouse gas. However, collected separately food waste can be used for good. Let’s talk about the options for your business to collect food waste.


Pigs have been part of America’s waste management strategy since the 1800’s when herds of pigs roamed the streets of New York eating garbage. Today, the pigs live at the farm, but still consume a lot of food waste from restaurants, grocery stores and schools. In a food-to-hogs program, food scraps are collected in large barrels which can be picked up daily or weekly. The food is slightly cooked to eliminate harmful bacteria and then fed to hogs at a network of farms right here in the North Metro.

Source Separated Organics

Many businesses in the Twin Cities can commercially collect their food waste to be turned into compost. In a source separated organics program, more than just food waste can be collected. Paper waste such as napkins, towels and plates can be included. You can also dispose of Certified Compostable items such as food ware and cutlery. In most cases, your regular trash or recycling hauler can haul your organics too. Your organics will be taken to large facilities where it is turned into valuable compost. That compost is sold back to gardeners to fertilize new plants. Watch how compost gets made in this cool video.

Ready to Start

Hmm… harmful greenhouse gases or using old food to produce new food? Seems like a no brainier to us! Did we mention that there is no tax on food-to-hogs or organics collections services in Ramsey or Washington County? Our Recycling Experts can help you decide which service is best for your business. Just fill out the Contact Us form to get started.

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