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Food Rescue – BizRecycling Businesses Respond to COVID-19

Many businesses and institutions in Ramsey and Washington counties have found themselves in challenging situations as they work to navigate the health and economic fallout of coronavirus.

Many food service businesses have found themselves with refrigerators and shelves full of perishable ingredients but with reduced or eliminated opportunities to sell to consumers. At the same time, food shelves are experiencing record demand as many residents find themselves un- or under-employed.

Businesses are making difficult decisions to try and keep afloat. Many Ramsey and Washington county food service businesses work to share resources and food with underserved residents during the best of times. But what about now, in the most challenging of times? In true Minnesotan spirit, local businesses are responding by finding ways to share food they will no longer be able to sell to hunger relief organizations such as Second Harvest Heartland, Loaves and Fishes, and Minnesota Central Kitchen. MealConnect has helped facilitate many donations. These contributions have buoyed local food shelf and meal programs to help ensure that all our neighbors have access to food during these difficult times.

Join the Effort

BizRecycling grants cover more than just organics and recycling bins! Food recovery programs or projects are eligible for grants, and can help your business respond to the changing landscape that we may experience for an extended period of time. As you look at the ways that your business will continue to adapt to stay at home and social distancing guidelines, keep BizRecycling in mind. Let our consultants help you work through changes you anticipate making to keep your business moving forward.

Be safe and take care. Thank you for all you do to help make such a vibrant community of local businesses.

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