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Blog Post Recycling Plastic Film

Recycling Plastic Bags and Film

Plastic bags and plastic film are a huge part of modern life. From the plastic grocery bag all the way up to the plastic wrapping around pallets of merchandise, businesses can generate an extraordinary amount of plastic film. But what can be done with all of this plastic film once it’s done being used? You can’t throw it in with your single-sort recycling, because it causes all sorts of problems for the recycling facilities. Plastic films and bags can wrap around the machinery and bring the entire recycling plant to a grinding halt. But does this mean that plastic film can’t be recycled?

Plastic bags and film CAN be recycled!

In the Metro area, individuals can bring their plastic bags to certain retailers for collection. But what about business owners? What can you do with the mountains of plastic pallet wrap, plastic bags and other plastic film that tends to accumulate at so many businesses? It’s bulky and takes up a lot of space in the trash, which can increase your trash bill. A better option, for the planet and for your business bottom line, is to set up a plastic film recycling program.

BizRecycling can help your business

Chasing down recycling options and setting up a new process for recycling plastic film can be a time-consuming process. Business owners have other things to do with their time. That’s why the BizRecycling program exists. We have recycling experts who know about all sorts of fantastic recycling options for local businesses. They will come to your business, on your schedule, and learn about your unique waste management needs. They’ll help you set up your business for efficient recycling, assist you in applying for a BizRecycling Grant to help pay for things your business needs to get recycling, and even help you contact trash haulers. It’s fast, fun, and free for businesses in Ramsey and Washington counties to recycle better. Contact us today to learn more!

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